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CRYSTALIZED Event February 16  2019

Join us for a Day of Energetic Transformation and Distance Healing. Anyone can join us from anywhere on earth.... 

The event is held from 10-2pm. MST. 

The Energy Event will be a transfer and shift of energy to all those registered. Directed by Laodas-Way Healing 

It will include:

-Opening consciousness pathways

-Attuning the crystal vibration in and through You 

-Setting you and those surrounding you in a crystal grid for 30 days to heal the body and its energetic self

-Attunements for the higher realms to guide us beyond our human perceptions 

-Anchoring in your new souls awareness

-Enhancing the crystal empowerment within you heart. 

You register here. $25

On Feb 16- 10-3 pm  Please allow yourself the time and energy to receive this Energy Event/ Download. Put simple try not to stress yourself at this time. You can still work and be active but do allow a space of ease within your day for the shift to take place.

What to expect: Healing on the physical body, Alignment of the physical and energetic self, peace, relaxation, release of fear and stress, empowerment, sense of self knowing and knowledge. 


We hope you enjoy the shifts that will take place with this activation and moving forward. 


In the Light of Crystalization-----Julie/Laodas-Way Healing